LF-MD280A Simulation Flame Diffuser Fragrant Air Humidifier 350mL

350ml large capacity essential oil diffuser with flame light, super quiet flame diffuser

  • Item No.: LF-MD280A
  • Dimension: ø186.5x102mm
  • Material: Glass
  • Water Capacity: 350ml
  • Mist Vol.: 30-40ml/H
  • Run Time: Up to 12 hours
  • Power Input: 24V 12W

Product Description

350ml large capacity & heavy fog essential oil diffuser with flame light, super quiet fire fiffuser for essential oils. This aromatherapy flame diffuser with auto shut-sff function, cool mist humidifier for home & office.

Our Luxury Flame Diffuser & Humidifier is created by integrating a virtual flame with an essential oil diffuser that enchants your space. It's time to seek out your inner oasis and immerse yourself in your cozy fire place.


Product Features

* Eye-Catching Simulation Flame Effect - Our flame diffuser looks like a mini fireplace, the combination of the LED lights and the water vapour from the diffuser create an ultra-realistic simulation flame effect. It works best in low light or at night and this aroma oil diffuser is bound to be the perfect addition to any part of your home.

* Safe To Touch - It emits a fine mist and is completely safe to touch! It atomizes water and oil through ultrasonic vibrations which can make perfect vapor that preserves the integrity and original therapeutic properties of the oils. With the aromas of your favourite essential oils, it softly streams essential oil infused steam out into your space,lending your interior spaces a sense of luxurious comfort.

* BPA Free And Waterless Auto Off - The cool mist humidifier adopts the same safe and eco-friendly PP materials baby bottles are made from, which is BPA-free. Once your oil diffuser runs out of water, our sensors will automatically switch the diffuser off so you have peace of mind. This aromatherapy diffuser transforms water and essential oil into fragrant mist for up to 12 hours with a water tank capacity of 350ml.



LiQi essential oil diffusers are widely applied to many occasions, such as home, office, luxury hotel, club, spa aromatherapy, shops, offices, auto 4 s shops, conference centers, exhibition halls, super shopping plaza, brand clothing store, nightclubs and places of entertainment, beauty leisure places, such as golf, hotel, KTV lounge evening, private villas and other public places, etc...