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Aromatherapy diffuser also known as perfume atomiser is a device which can decompose water molecules and dissolved plant essential oils into a nano-level cold mist with a diameter of 0.1-5 microns and emit fragrance into the surrounding air through high-frequency vibration produced by ultrasonic vibration equipment.

While the indoor air is dry during autumn and winter season, people will appear dry lips, dry throat hoarseness, bitter dry cough, dry skin and other symptoms, aromatherapy machine using a variety of ways to water and pure plant essential oil atomization, so that the room to maintain a high humidity, and produce a certain number of natural negative oxygen ions, purify the air, and achieve the effect of aromatherapy, It can assist in the treatment and relief of influenza, hypertension, tracheitis and other diseases, and play a certain protective role in the nervous system, cardiovascular system and human metabolism.

Essential oil aroma diffuser is a fashion, a culture, and a way of spiritual sustenance for people who pursue a high taste of life.


The function of aroma diffuser:

1. Relieve stress

2. Health care

3. Clean the air

4. Whitening and beauty

5. Moisturize

6. Reduce radiation

7. Assistant sleep

Product features:

1. water molecules are decomposed into nanoscale cold fog with a diameter of 0.1-5 microns through high-frequency electronic shock generated by ultrasonic vibration equipment;

2. Produce a large number of live oxygen negative ions, and the harmful gas molecules in the air have a strong reaction, comprehensive removal, completely eliminate the harm of formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, TVOC, etc.

3. With lavender and tea tree essential oil, the effect is more significant -- the cold mist produced by ultrasonic shock can be 100% distributed and keep the active component of the essential oil, so that the essential oil can be more easily absorbed by the human body to play the maximum effect; Within 2 seconds, you will feel the original aromatherapy effect. Fundamentally different from the traditional heating and combustion thermal fog, the cold fog technology does not damage any component of the essential oil, does not produce secondary pollution, and is safer to use.

4. Small volume, water volume is about 100ml, only 1-2 drops of essential oil can be added to the water to achieve aromatherapy, in line with the use of essential oil as a precious product, economical and applicable. The volume capacity of the humidifier is large, mostly about 1L.

5. The corrosion resistance of ordinary humidifier material is not enough, and it is easy to have quality problems when used for aromatherapy.


1. The family

2. Hotel rooms, lobbies, corridors, guest rooms and other places

3. Auto 4S shop

4. The gym

5. The club

6. Shopping mall

7. Building. Aisle

8. Central air conditioning system and fresh air system

9. KTV rooms, foot bath rooms and other types of rooms

10. Public Spaces such as hospitals, banks and stations

11. Beauty salon, SPA, etc...