2022-09-19 13:57:17 fsliqi

Ultrasonic Diffuser or Nebulizing Diffuser. Which is Better?

There are thousands of different diffusers on the market. There are diffusers that use heat to disperse the essential oil in the room. These are problematic because they change the chemical composition of the essential oil, which counteracts their therapeutic properties. There are also diffusers that use water and steam to disperse the oil. These are also problematic because they dilute the oil, reducing the therapeutic benefits of inhalation. The last remaining two diffusers are ultrasonic and nebulizing. These both have benefits over diffusers that use heat and water, but only one is the best type of diffuser.


What is an Ultrasonic Diffuser?

An ultrasonic diffuserhas a water tank for you to add water and essential oils. The small disc beneath the water causes ultrasonic vibrations to create a mist, diffusing the oils into the air. It’s different from steam, which involves heating up the water.

Are Ultrasonic Aroma Diffusers the same as Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffusers?

The simple answer to this question is yes. There are many shapes and models of ultrasonic diffusers, but an ultrasonic aromas diffuser is going to have the same functionality as a ultrasonic essential oil diffuser.

What is a Nebulizing Diffuser?

A nebulizer diffuser comes with a tube, which is the place to add essential oils. While ultrasonic diffusers rely on water to evaporate essential oils, nebulizing diffusers rely on an air-jet pump to blow the air across the top of the tube. This creates a vacuum to lift the fine particles on the surface of essential oils and disperse these tiny droplets into the air. The process requires no water and no heat, avoiding diluting the essential oil and maintaining the purity of essential oils.

If you are on a budget and looking for a device consuming less essential oils for everyday use, you’re hands down going to want to get an ultrasonic diffuser.

If you don’t mind the low hum noise and want to use a strong concentrated dose of essential oils for specific acute complaints (e.g. illness, recurrent headaches or respiratory issues), nebulizing diffusers are more ideal for you.

Ultimately, it’s really a matter of personal preference...