2022-09-07 10:43:28 fsliqi

Smell, always can give people a unique memory.

The barista at the corner coffee shop has a strong smell of coffee, the bookstore clerk has a little ink on his fingertips, and the girl he meets at the cocktail party is Chanel No. 5 mixed with a hint of wine......

If perfume is the invisible name card of people, then aromatherapy is the invisible sign of space, only oneself can recognize the smell of their own, such a sense of belonging is the most comfortable. So, for those who are under great pressure at work and have poor sleep quality, a good aromatherapy can really help you unload the fatigue......

The corresponding aromatherapy equipment styles are various and dazzling, such as aromatherapy candles, rattan aromatherapy, incense expanding stone, incense and so on, which makes it difficult to accurately judge in the process of selection and purchase. Ultrasonic home aromatherapy machine is a good choice!


Compared with scented candles, ultrasonic aromatherapy diffusers have many advantages:

1. As a necessary home appliances, economic benefits, only need to add essential oil;

2. Aromatherapy machine can accompany you to use a variety of essential oils, all fragrance raw materials are in line with the international flavor Institute raw material safety standards, to achieve the highest safety principles of international flavor safety.

3. No-fire is safe, especially for families with babies and pets;

4. Intelligent timing, three levels adjustment, can set the aroma concentration.

5. Silent design, for light sleep friends that is the Gospel. No matter be in sitting room or bedroom, also can be used following your heart.

6. Table/wall hanging design, no scene restrictions, tear the powerful nano glue behind, directly stick to the wall, convenient and simple.

Occasion recommendation: The bathroom is heavy in humidity and taste, especially in summer. Place an ultrasonic aromatherapy machine in the bathroom, 3 seconds can make the bathroom filled with fragrant.

Life needs beauty, moisture, comfort and emotional appeal. Choose the right products to ensure life, which is also the small wisdom of life.