The Differences between Aroma Diffuser and Humidifier

2020-05-11 10:50:32

People have developed preferences of having houses fitted with Aroma diffusers and  humidifiers that can control and moderate indoor environment.However, people often get confused between these two devices, which bring out the question – what is the difference between humidifier and diffuser? 

1. Purpose

One main difference between humidifier and diffuser is that both these appliances are made for different tasks. A diffuser is used with the intention of distributing essential oils across the length of the room, ensuring the aroma of the house is maintained and meets the requirements of the user.

On the other hand, a humidifier is made with the purpose of controlling the humidity in a room and preventing air from drying out.  Dry air is responsible for a significant number of uncomfortable health ailments like dry skin, sinus, dry cough, and crackling of lips… Humidifier prevents such ailments by eliminating humidity and dry air.

2. Tank Size

Most humidifiers are fitted with comparatively bigger tanks than a diffuser to battle against the problem of dry air more effectively. Large tanks need to be fitted on humidifiers to raise the humidity level throughout the room. The tank may store up to a gallon of water. Contrary to a humidifier, a diffuser can hold a maximum of 500 ml of water.

But, most diffusers are made without the need to hold much quantities of water since it just needs to spray essential oils in your room, not water.

3. Operational methods of a humidifier and diffuser

Diffusers and humidifiers also differ on how they operate. The two devices use drastically different methods to disperse water/essential oils within the room.

While humidifiers use spray nozzles to provide humidity in a room, diffusers make use of a bit more advanced ultrasonic vibration, which breaks down the oil particles into microscopic oil particles, which are combined with the mist in its tank and sprayed in the air.

4. Maintainance

Because the aroma diffuser needs to change water and essential oil at any time, the design of the water tank is simple and easy to clean. The humidifier basically has a more comlipcated internal structure and it is also difficult to clean.